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teaching philosophy

I believe that a music education should prepare students to be excellent musicians, as well as sensitive, thoughtful people: to study music is to study how, through performance, you affect yourself and others.  

I approach each student with a strong sense of optimism and enthusiasm for his or her musical goals.  Upon this foundation, I stress a deep understanding of technique.  Not only is technical fluency a key part of establishing the confidence to claim a musical identity for oneself, it is also a huge step towards to opening doors to musical expression and compelling performances.

private lesson pricing

I love to give the first lesson free to any new student.  This is to allow everyone involved to feel out the private lesson dynamic and make sure it's the right fit.  After the trial lesson, I ask: $35/30min; $45/45min; $60/60min


"In addition to orchestra, my son also now takes music theory lessons with Joelle. Her teaching style is so masterful in how she subtly encourages self-advocacy and awareness while finding just the right approach to help the student understand and apply difficult material.  We always have appreciated Joelle’s positive, thoughtful and pragmatic teaching style to reach young musicians."  

-student parent

"I could not be more pleased with Dr. Arnhold's teaching!  She is wonderful with young violinists, making it fun without compromising high standards.  Specifically, I am impressed with the way she teaches intonation and pleased with my child's rapid progress."

-student parent

"Joelle is an amazing orchestra director and private teacher. She teaches with energy and enthusiasm. She is very kind and great at motivating everyone. I always enjoy my lessons with her."

-GZ, violin student

"Joelle has been my daughter’s violin teacher for the past year and a half. We can’t say enough good things about her. Her calm, positive approach has really helped my daughter progress in her music. I think there is something special about how Joelle communicates and adjusts her teaching to meet the student. With Joelle, my daughter’s ability and confidence has really grown. Thank you!"

-student parent

"Joelle is such a great example for our daughter and has really helped her shine in so many ways, musically and otherwise! We truly appreciate her."

-student parent

"Dr. Arnhold is a teacher, mentor, and friend. She is talented, charismatic, incredibly patient, and knows how to approach the situation from different perspectives. Joelle was teaching my daughter for 2 years and every class was a delight, even during the quarantine. She knows how to listen and when to push my daughter, or when to give a break. Regardless the final result is incredible and my daughter is extremely happy and we are proud of her accomplishments. There is never regret or hard feeling after spending hours and hours practicing the violin. Dr. Arnhold is a delight to work with."



“We adore Dr. Arnhold’s approach! She challenges our daughter without overwhelming her. She places great importance on technique and fosters our daughter's joy of making music. Our daughter takes great pride in her accomplishments and understands that learning her instrument is an ongoing process, which keeps her engaged in the moment. We also appreciate Dr. Arnhold’s communication with us before and after each lesson, so that we are aware of weekly objectives and how we can best support our daughter.” 

-student parent

""My daughter worked remotely with Joelle during the pandemic and three time zones away.  Joelle was an amazing, energetic teacher who helped bring her cello playing to the next level.  Further, Joelle managed to coordinate concerts with multiple disparate students during the pandemic and provide a terrific concert experience for the parents.  Finally, Joelle has been a wonderful mentorship to our daughter and provided inspirational advice for future career options and so on.  Joelle is an inspiration to young musicians, and our time with her was greatly appreciated!"

-DM, orchestra parent

"Joelle brings so much joy and enthusiasm to her music instruction. My daughter is a new orchestra student and feels driven and inspired to get better each day. Joelle makes clear her expectations, is great at communicating with students and parents with regular check-ins and just generally creates a positive atmosphere to help students thrive."

-Kate Z., parent of orchestra student

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